Minuum 3.0 for AndroidWhen the Minuum keyboard was first released, it was a very interesting keyboard project with what appeared to be superior typing prediction abilities, one which I personally supported on its original Indiegogo campaign. Since then and its successful release, Minuum has had a steady stream of updates arrive on its app and the latest update, Minuum 3.0 for Android, appears to be its biggest overhaul since launch. Adding Material Design into the mix, the Minuum is looking as good as it ever has and has even added additional themes (Christmas themes included) for you to customize the keyboard with. My personal favourite is the Adaptive theme which picks the same colour as the app you’re currently in, which in Android Lollipop makes the OS seem all the more immersive.

Apart from graphical enhancements, Minuum 3.0 for Android also adds multilingual support with a suite of languages including German, Spanish and lots more that only need be downloaded if necessary. Not content to release only to Android, Minuum also announced that they’ll be releasing an update for the Android Wear version of Minuum later today, so keep your eyes peeled with that one too. If you’re wanting to try out Minuum and this new raft of features, you’ll have to fork out $3.99 USD if you haven’t already, though there is a free version for you to try before you buy – links below.

What do you think about Minuum 3.0 for Android? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Minuum Keyboard (Playboard) | Minuum Keyboard (Play Store)

Minuum Keyboard Free (Playboard) | Minuum Keyboard Free (Play Store)