We’ve reviewed two speakers from BRAVEN‘s 800 series already, the 850 and the 855s. We loved both of them, so we’re pretty excited by the speaker that BRAVEN just prior to the start of CES 2015, the BRAVEN 805. Quite like the 850, the 805 is designed for the home – one big indicator of this is the number of colours you can get it it, which totals nine including white, teal, yellow, orange, magenta, green, red, gray and black, and this is so that you can match it to the decor of your home, should you choose to. As BRAVEN Executive Vice President, Valentine Lopez, puts it:

“The BRAVEN 805 is more than a speaker; it’s an extension of your home. It is the only part of your home décor that allows you to enjoy your favorite music whether you like lounging in the living room, dining and cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the backyard.”

Like the 850 and 855s, the 805 also has the same built-in, noise-cancelling microphone which will let you use it as a speakerphone, and also possesses the TrueWireless Technology which lets you pair either a second 805, a 850, 855s, 1100 or BRV-HD speaker for true stereo sound. Rounding out its impressive list of features, you’ll also get a 4,400mAh battery which can double its usefulness by charging USB devices too.

BRAVEN says that the BRAVEN 805 will become available later this month for $199.99 USD. For more info, you can check out its product page on the BRAVEN website here.