When we heard that Kodak was preparing a smartphone for show at CES 2015, we were intrigued by the idea of one of the most recognizable names in the photo imaging industry making a smartphone. Our minds immediately imagined a Nokia 1020 like device on Android, with an impossibly perfect camera that would be the envy of the smartphone world. The device has now been announced as the Kodak IM5 smartphone, and it’s not exactly what we expected. Carrying an unspecified octacore 1.7GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage with micro SD slow, and a 5-inch display, it doesn’t look all bad, if ever so slightly outdated. However, it’s the cameras that really surprise. And not in a good way.

Kodak IM5 smartphoneThe front camera of the Kodak IM5 is a 5MP affair and the rear camera is 13MP. Perhaps we’re letting our expectations get in the way, but we feel like we could have expected a bit more from Kodak IM5’s camera capabilities. That said, there are image management apps included to help edit and display photos, though we don’t have a good idea on how good these actually are yet. Probably the most interesting thing about the Kodak IM5 is its price, said to be $249 USD, becoming available in Q1 2015 initially in Europe. It’s certainly an intriguing price, and outguns the Moto G at a relatively similar price point.

But enough of what we think: what do you think about the Kodak IM5 smartphone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Fone Arena via Phones Review