It appears to be a growing trend that Android’s biggest companies have started to announce less and less at the Consumer Electronics Show over the years, but today’s performance by Samsung seemed to take the cake for futility, from an Android perspective at least. Samsung’s CES 2015 press event introduced exactly zero devices that we’ll be mentioning in the near future, instead resorting to the tech giant talking at length about its smart home innovations, pausing ever so briefly to talk about the Gear VR and Milk VR, which was actually intriguing granted the Gear VR is one of Samsung’s genuinely innovative products. However, it did little to satiate our hunger to know what Samsung has behind those closed doors device-wise – even in 2014, Samsung announced the Note Pro and Tab Pro lines of devices, and yet this year there was no hint of a new device announcement whatsoever. Before I go on, note that I’m not having a go at Samsung entirely – this is just an examination of why today’s (or yesterday depending on where you live) press event was the way it was.

So what’s happening? Well, among other things, it appears Samsung (and probably many of the mobile manufacturers) feels that CES has outlived its purpose. While it still remains an incredible platform for big and small companies to show of their new products and what’s coming in the future, and I personally will continue to go to over any other event in the calendar year, mobile manufacturers have Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February which is a far more focussed on mobile devices. As such, you can probably see why Samsung releases its new flagship at the event every year, though we can’t help but wonder why there wasn’t at least the announcement of a niche device, like a Galaxy Camera, that would otherwise take away from the release of the Galaxy S6.

Samsung's CES 2015 press eventThe answer is probably a lot simpler than this – Samsung is in the process of downsizing its mobile developments. It’s cutting out unnecessary smartphones and tablets so that it can focus on getting out devices that saw it rise to prominence in the first place, hopefully an inspiring Galaxy S6, instead of saturating the market with devices that more often than not sully their brand name. So while the downsizing of press events for big mobile companies can’t all be attributed to similar factors, we know at the very least that Samsung isn’t doing this because it’s holding out on us – they’re doing it because they have nothing to announce.

Well, that’s we think anyway. What do you think about Samsung’s CES 2015 press event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • steve

    I have noticed a lot more people are on the hating samsung bandwagon. They seem to be a dieing bread