Gameloft is constantly expanding their portfolio of titles for mobile gamers everywhere. They recently released Brothers in Arms 3 for the third-person style shooters out there and a match-3 puzzle adventure called Puzzle Pets is set for January 22nd. Now we get a brief look at the 5th installment of the Dungeon Hunter series from the gaming company, Dungeon Hunter 5.

DH5 is a direct sequel to DH4 and you will see the consequences of the demon war. This time around you will be a bounty hunter vs a soldier with special abilities. The graphics have improved dramatically with higher details, new effects, weapons and more. There will also be a new multiplayer aspect where you will create your own hideout, or dungeon, and place your own minions to protect your dungeon. This element gives players the ability to physically raid other players dungeons at will and steal gold from them. However, you will have to face off against the other player once you have made it through their minions and traps. Here, take a look at the developer diary that talks a bit about it as well as what you can do with the loot and your weapons.

Yes, Gameloft will be taking the title freemium, or free-to-play. That means there will be elements to pay up for things. Watching the video I will assume the energy bar takes time to fill and I am sure you will be able to buy loads of coins to buy other goods. It isn’t always a favorite approach for end-users, but it does make the developers out there a boatload more money then a one time purchase option that ends up being pirated. As long as they don’t make it impossible to play without paying then I am all for it. Having to wait for a time to go on a raid or play a few areas makes the game last a bit longer as well as forces me to not play for 8 hours straight.

Gameloft leaves the launch date open by simply saying it will be out later this year, but they do note that it will land for Android, iOS and Windows. If you are all about the Dungeon Hunter series then you will probably want to visit the Dungeon Hunter 5 website and pre-register which gives you guys the opportunity to work towards exclusive launch day rewards including concept art, gold, and a fierce Minion to protect your loot.