Google has a slew of apps on the Play Store and other app stores around the technological ecosystem. Inside the Mountain View giant is a set of smaller, but equally wonderful, branches that do their own things. NianticLabs is one such group and while their first app, Field Trip, might not ring too many bells, their real world game, Ingress, has probably killed plenty of batteries on your device. If not, well, I’m sure you have at least heard about it. Field Trip on the other hand is more about things around you. It uses your physical location to pull out the cool, the fun and the hidden from a variety of sources like Zagat, Thrillist, TimeOut, SunSet, Cool Hunting, Songkick and many many more.

The latest update to the Field Trip app just landed yesterday and it brings along with it a more material design look and feel with slide-out navigation, colored top banners and many more changes. It is a drastic overhaul compared to the preview versions which had a more vintage or rustic look to it. However, the visual changes ties it in better with the whole direction Google has taken with Android. Check it out, the first set of screens are the previous Field Trip apps look, while the second set is the newest updated look.

Field TripField Trip
Field TripField Trip
They also swapped out the icon for a much more materialistic design.

Field Trip Field Trip
The update also kicks in new content from 100’s of new content providers and some performance improvements.

Feel free to snag the update via the Play Store as soon as you have a chance. If this is the first time you have ever heard of such a thing, then by all-means hit the link below and go check it out for yourself. It is free after.

Field Trip (Playboard) | Field Trip (Play Store)