Gameloft is adding another vibrantly colorful match 3 style game to its portfolio of titles today with Puzzle Pets. The title brings a cute and cuddly approach to the match 3 genre of gameplay with a flurry of frogs, octopus, fox’s, bunnies and more. As one would expect, you match 3 or more pet heads to make a match. Get 4 or more in a line or a ‘T’ and you get a power-up egg. Match the egg and it clears things out based on the egg stripes. For instance, match 4 and the egg is a vertical or horizontal line indicating the row it will clear out. Match a ‘T’ and it makes an ‘X’ and clears things out in the shape of an X. There is also a rainbow egg that lets you match it to any pets and it wipes those pets off the screen. Not to mention a slew of other combos that Gameloft teaches you in the first few levels of gameplay.

Puzzle Pets Gameloft Puzzle Pets Gameloft Puzzle Pets Gameloft
As you progress you get power-ups to move you along through the various levels, there are 7 total that include a Tornado and a Chameleons tongue. You finish off each of the 7 area with a typical boss battle that culminates the end of each. Each area is themed accordingly from snowy mountains to lush forests.  Each level gets more and more complex making it challenging but colorful. Gameloft also added in a community element that lets you join in-game events to unlock precious rewards, like extra cool and rare helpers for your boss battles.

Puzzle Pets is a typical free-to-play title with a certain amount of optional in-app purchases to pick up coins for power-ups and lives. Nothing we haven’t seen before in other similar titles from Gameloft and other game studios. Feel free to pick it up and give it a run. It is quite colorful and characters are pretty cute.

Download: Puzzle Pets in the Play Store