Android Lollipop has brought in a whole raft of neat new features, one of which I find extremely useful on a day-to-day basis: Smart Lock. Smart Lock allows you to unlock your device when an approved (or “trusted”) Bluetooth device or NFC tag is near, a combo that is particularly suited to smartwatch and smartphone pairings. While it has been very useful, it’s actually a little different on different devices, so I thought I’d detail the particular process by which I personally set up Smart Lock on the LG G3.

Smart Lock on the LG G3 Smart Lock on the LG G3
Step 1: Enter the “Settings” menu and navigate to the “General” tab. In the “Privacy” section, click on the “Security” option.

Step 2: In the “Security” menu, scroll to the bottom where you’ll find the “Advanced” section; click on the “Trust agents” option.

Smart Lock on the LG G3 Smart Lock on the LG G3
Step 3: In the “Trust agents” menu, you should see the option to toggle Smart Lock “On” or “Off”; swipe the toggle so Smart Lock is now “On”.

Step 4: Go back to the original “Settings” menu, except this time go to the “Display” tab; click on the “Lock Screen” option.

Smart Lock on the LG G3


Step 5: In the “Lock Screen” menu, you will see a “Smart Lock” option. Note that you will not see this option if you have not completed steps 1-4 above. Click on the “Smart Lock” option.

Smart Lock on the LG G3 Smart Lock on the LG G3
Step 6: You should see the Smart Lock splash screen now, where you can add “trusted” devices; go ahead and hit that “Add Trusted Device” option.

Step 7: From this “Trusted devices” screen, you should be able to add as many trusted devices as you want.

And that’s it! At this point, any time that you have one of your trusted devices near your smartphone, your lockscreen should switch to a simple swipe lock, and when this device is out of range, your lock screen will go back to the original lock screen that you had configured. It’s simple, but I find super handy and gives me that much more peace of mind that there’s a little more security on my smartphone.

Let us know in the comments if you liked this guide and if you want to see more of these in the future.

  • Adriano di Livio

    Does this feature work with our home wireless network?
    I just hate to have to unlock my phone when I’m at home.

    • Stephen Yuen

      Not Wi-Fi @adrianohouse:disqus, at least, not yet. That sounds like a pretty decent idea though

  • Winner Gear

    Does this feature work with our home wireless network with LG G3. I am very much eager to know about that. LG G3 Car Mount

  • poangielsku

    Thanks for this!