Google Play Music is a pretty exceptional service that lets you import your entire music collection to a dedicated music cloud account. Once uploaded you have access to those songs on any device to stream, download or sync for offline listening. It is also where all your purchased music from the Play Store gets housed. Initially consumers were able to upload up to 20,000 tracks. Google would in turn give them album covers and even exchange lower quality versions for the highest quality version they had on hand for your. Heck, they even swap your tunes after they analyze the tracks and just make them instantly available if they already have the tunes on hand. Needless to say it is a great way to have your tunes accessible at all times.

Google Play Music


Now Google is raising the song limit from 20,000 tracks to a whopping 50,000 tracks. Best part, it is still all free for you to do this. No need to worry about a monthly access fee to access your own tracks on the go. There isn’t any special trick needed to gain the extra space, just simply head over to your Google Play Music account and log in. You may not see the limit increase on the main upload page, but it is listed on the Music Manager download page and displays how many tracks are left in your limit when uploading through the Music Manager app.

Source: Google Via 9to5Google 

  • FILA

    Very very happy about this. This actually made my day yesterday to hear this. Im a huge user and 20,000 was worrisome. Im currently loading all my music onto Google Music, its taking me a while. I would also love an option for Google to STOP censoring some of my songs. Give me an option if I want clean versions or dirty, dont just assume. Google gives away free music which is explicit but censors the music I upload? come on. With the addition of the added cap, it just shows that people really are using this service which is a excellent thing, we dont have to worry Google will have another service to retire. hopefully never. I want it for life!! Im one of the very few people who dont like to stream online radio and play my own tunes!! …told you I was very happy!

  • EJSawyer

    This is great news, truly a long time coming.

    Now, when is Google going to raise the *completely* arbitrary 1000-song limit on playlists?