Here in Central Oregon we live and breathe the outdoors daily. During the winter we ski, snowboard, ride snowmobiles and go snow showing. In the summer we hit the hundreds of lakes, rivers and all the national forest we can get too. Spring is making its way here as it should be slowing approaching for other parts of the country and that means it is time to hit the favorite fishing spots and camping locations. As much as many of s would like to admit we don’t take our devices with us, that would be a lie. While backup batteries are awesome and solar panels are increasingly beneficial, sometimes an alternate source of power is worth having along for the trip. PowerPot is one of those interesting charging devices that doesn’t just take up space and provide power, but it is also a pot that can be useful for cooking up those Pork and Beans with hot dogs.


Thanks to thermoelectric technology and the brains behind Powerpot, you can now cook your dinner and keep your devices charged too. Whether you’re facing the elements or struggling through an electricity outage, simply heat water in the PowerPot and plug-in your USB-compatible phone, tablet, or camera to get fully juiced and ready for anything.

  • 5 watts on-demand USB power for any device
  • Real-time power meter for optimal charging
  • Works with any stove or heat source
  • 1.2 liter hard-anodized aluminum pot for boiling water

I can see long term potential to owning a PowerPot beyond just the fleeting camping trip. It really is a survival tool if you think about it. Natural disasters and power outages happen more than we like to admit. While a major disaster might knock out cell service, at least your phone will be charged for when it returns without hoping the sun is shining for that solar panel.

The PowerPot is currently on sale for $99.99, knocked down from $149.99, through StackSocial for a limited time. If you have been eyeballing one as much as I have, now is a perfect time to purchase it. Hit the link and go get your order in.

  • YS

    Ummmm… the 5 watt pot is sold for $99 on the company’s (PowerPractical) web site, and the 10 watt versions is $149. Looks like stacksocial just inflated their price, so they can offer a “discount”.

    But this is still a very cool technology.