Xiaomi is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with. The company hosted a 12 hour flash sale as part of a “Mi Fan Festival” in celebration of its 5th anniversary. Xiaomi claims that the flash sale set a new record for them, clearing roughly $335 million in revenue. That equates to over 2 million phones. The ludicrous number doesn’t stop there though, they also sold 38,000 TV, 200,000 fitness bands and 247,000 powerstrips. Proving that Hugo Barra moved to the right company.

The boost in sales as compared to last years 12 hour flash sale is thanks to the company’s move to a total of seven regions this year. Malaysia, India and Indonesia being the most recent locales to see the brand flooding the streets. Last year Xiaomi sold just over 61 million smartphones which gave them the title of the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

As if those numbers aren’t enough, the press release also indicated that how efficient they are at getting orders handled with a recorded 500,000 shipped in 12 hours. Hell, the first order was delivered 1 hour and 27 minutes into the sale. I have no idea to whom, what it was or where it was delivered, but impressive none the less. Take a gander at the press release below for the full story.

Xiaomi sells 2.12 million phones in 12 hours during Mi Fan Festival 2015
Total revenue of RMB2.08 billion

9 April 2015 – Mi Fan Festival 2015, the huge online party held to celebrate Xiaomi’s 5th birthday, ended on a high yesterday after Xiaomi achieved its best-ever single-day online sales performance. The company announced today that it sold 2.12 million phones and recorded total revenue of RMB2.08 billion (about US$335 million) over 12 hours.

Mi Fan Festival 2015 was concurrently held in seven markets this year. For the first time ever, Malaysia, India and Indonesia joined the party too.

With its latest achievement, Xiaomi beat its own record last year for the number of phones sold and total revenue during Singles Day 2014. Halfway through the event at 4.04p.m., Xiaomi already announced total revenue of RMB1.57 billion, surpassing the full-day results of both Mi Fan Festival 2014 and Singles Day 2014.

The 12-hour-long event proved that Xiaomi is truly an Internet company, with the e-commerce model being an extremely successful way of reaching its users. The company also sold a variety of products other than smartphones.

Over 38,000 Mi TVs and over 770,000 smart appliances were sold, including 200,000 Mi Bands and 247,000 Mi Power Strips. In fact, revenue from accessories stood at RMB190 million after 12 hours.

Xiaomi also demonstrated its commitment to fast delivery, with 500,000 orders shipped in 12 hours and the first order reaching a customer at 11.27a.m. – just 1 hour 27 minutes into the sale. In total, 3.05 million orders were made online over the course of 12 hours.

In 2014, Xiaomi sold 61.12 million smartphones and recorded total revenue of RMB74.3 billion. Analyst firm IDC ranked Xiaomi as the top smartphone vendor in China last year.

  • steve

    Wow. I am seeing that mi4 around here for as low as 280$. Why does the oneplus go for 500$. It’s like people don’t knot about xioami

    • Stephen Yuen

      Well, they actually kind don’t, and it’s pretty hard to get them generally outside of Asia. Also, long time quality (i.e. software updates) is a question that isn’t asked/answered often

      • steve

        Maybe I should pick up the mi4 for 280$. I thought it was a good deal. But I just got a brand new Sony z2 for $275, so good deals are everywhere. Oneplus actually has a higher value or same as g3, s5, m8, and z2 around here. Supply and demand on the used market

        • Stormy Beach

          It is all in the eye of the beholder and what you want/need. The price is nice and the software is topnotch. The MIUI is extremely customizable and intuitive. I loved rocking MIUI ROM’s on my older devices because they were also extremely battery friendly. Xiaomi is doing good work. While it is hard to get the devices outside the primary 7 regions they are in now, when you consider the company is only 5 years old, they are destroying it in those 7 locations and doing things the other OEM’s just can’t, or won’t do for the price.