Selfies just got real. The whole selfie stick craze has been on a rampage for quite some time now and has apparently gained so much attention that even camera specialist companies are getting in on it. One of the top camera companies Nikon has launched a selfie stick called the N-MP001, and is designed to work with the company’s Coolpix line of point-and-shoot cameras (rather than its DSLR range, though you can probably still try).

Nikon has launched a selfie stickWhile the N-MP001 does come with some pretty neat features like a padded handle and a nifty telescoping shaft, the price is decidedly premium at $59.95 USD. That’s pretty optimistic considering the N-MP001 doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity and a bargain selfie stick could do the same thing for much less. But let’s face it: branding is everything for some people and you’re not likely to be let down with Nikon’s selfie stick.

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Source: Nikon via engadget

  • steve

    People complain about a 6 inch phone and people carry these things. Such a sad society we have become.