For the first time in history, you can now officially buy the entire Star Wars collection digitally and access them any time, anywhere on any device. Each iconic cinematic experience can be had for $19.99 each, of you can go all-in and buy the whole collection for $89.99. Buying the whole collection in one fell swoop will save you the most coin on the deal of course.

Star Wars Digital Collection

This digital offering isn’t limited to the Google Play Store either, although some of us wish we got it exclusively. You can also pick up the collection for the same price tag via Amazon and iTunes. Giving everyone a chance to have any Star Wars flick just a few simple screen taps away. It would seem that Amazon might have the better deal as it includes an additional 9 hours of bonus features too.

Star Wars Digital Collection Amazon

So, what are you waiting for? Get to your preferred purchasing location via the links below and watch the Rebellion burn the Empire!

Star Wars Digital Collection Google Play | Amazon| iTunes