World news is awash with articles about the Apple Watch today, and frankly if you manage to see this article, it will be somewhat of a miracle. However, behind the scenes Google is apparently readying its counterattack, but what is this counterattack? Well, as The Verge is reporting, the Android Wear operating system team at Google is apparently “finishing the final technical details” of making sure Android Wear works with iOS, a step that likely wouldn’t explicitly affect the popularity of the Apple Watch, but would crucially give iOS users something that their own ecosystem doesn’t allow them by nature – variety and choice.

Yes, if Android Wear worked on iOS, iOS users could choose to have a smartwatch that didn’t necessarily need to look like an Apple Watch and still have pretty much all the same functionality. Of course, there are a few glaring obstacles that need to be overcome, the largest of which would be getting an Android Wear app approved in the Apple App Store, which when said that way seems nigh on impossible. Nevertheless, it would be a brave and great move if Google were able to offer Android Wear devices on the iOS platform, but we’ll have to see if it pans out that way.

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Source: The Verge via Droid-life