Good old @evleaks. Despite being retired, leaker @evleaks, or Evan Blass as he goes by IRL, has managed to uncover a website that appears to detail the yet-to-be-announced LG G4. This is our first look at the finished product, and our first look at the new leather back that LG had teased in its last trailer. Unlike the faux-leather backs of the Samsung devices of old, it looks like the LG G4’s leather will be genuine leather, though hopefully this won’t impact the device’s pricing.

LG G4The LG G4 appears to be taking a few pages out of the Motorola Moto X’s book as LG will be offering the LG G4 in a variety of colours of leather, as well as what looks like the standard plastic ‘metallic’ finishes that were available on the LG G3 in case leather isn’t your thing. The leather finishes possible include (see image below for exact colour):

  • Leather Brown
  • Leather Black
  • Leather Red
  • Leather Skyblue
  • Leather Beige
  • Leather Yellow

LG G4Unsurprisingly, the few pages that are LG G4 specific focus on the new camera on the device, revealed to be a f1.8 lens. In fact, it appears the website might not actually be finished as most of the information on the specifications page appears to be for the LG G3 and not the LG G4, unless we missed something and the new LG flagship is going to ship with a Snapdragon 801 and Android 4.4.2 – we’re expecting a Snapdragon 810 and Android 5.0, for the record. It’s possible that LG will take this page down when it gets wind that people know about it, but then again, the cat’s out of the bag.

UPDATE: as expected, the page has now been taken down, but we’ve still got these nice screenshots here for you to look at. Keep an eye on it though because it has to go live at some point.

LG G4What do you think about the new leather LG G4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: LG via Twitter, engadget

  • Ryan

    Unbelievably ugly!

    • Stephen Yuen

      Did you like the LG G3 @disqus_5mSoexpwhM:disqus, or is it just the leather?

      • Ryan

        I liked the G3. It wasn’t the most premium design or anything, but it was simple and nice. The leather on this seems like it’s trying to emulate the dash panel of a luxury car or something, which comes off as pretty tacky looking to me.¯_(-–)_/¯

  • steve

    I love the leather look. Its a new look. I hate the 2014 specs though and it better not be the same as last year. 16Mp, 810 snapdragon, is what i am expecting. If lg wants real good results, stop screwing with the community and give us the unlick code for the g4 right away because it bothered me with my g3 how they would do anything for a good 6 months. Then there was my flex, i couldnt even root it

  • FILA

    I have yet to see anyone carry a leather phone. Not for me, its ugly

  • Fred Gissubel

    There better be a non leather option. Why a dead animal on a piece of electronics is necessary is beyond me.

    • Stephen Yuen

      @fredgissubel:disqus I believe there should be standard plastic options, i.e. the same as the LG G3

  • Allshookup

    It is only an option, you can still have the same old boring plastic back if you want. I really like the option of a leather back cover. I think it looks nice.

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