The strategy genre on mobile has been booming of late thanks to perennial favourites like Clash of Clans. So it’s no surprise to see newcomers entering the ring each week, but this latest entry looks like it could be a winner. Plunder Pirates, published by Rovio’s publishing label, Rovio Stars, is making the journey onto Android after a very successful six¬†months on the iOS platform – 7 million downloads successful – and if the trailer is anything to go by, Plunder Pirates looks like a high-quality pillaging affair. Check out the trailer below:

Like all games in this genre, in Plunder Pirates, you’ll be building up your little corner of the world with as many defenses as possible so that while you’re away, people can’t steal from you, or at the very least, can’t steal as much from you. And also common in this genre, and by virtue of the game being available for free, there will probably be a whole host of content that you can buy for real world money that will aid you in your quest to be the best on the Seven Seas. Plunder Pirates is available now on Google Play so hit the link below if it takes yar fancy.

Plunder Pirates (Playboard) | Plunder Pirates (Play Store)

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