The HTC One M9 isn’t a bad device, though it’s definitely not going to win any awards for innovation. Sales of the HTC One M9 have suffered due to this perceived lack of innovation, so much so that a report today has revealed that HTC has shipped 43.75% fewer HTC One M9 handsets than HTC One M8 handsets in its first three months of being on the market. That’s a pretty substantial downturn when you consider the HTC One M9 is supposed to be HTC’s flagship device with its highest profit margin. And that’s shipped devices, not sold – some would call that a financial disaster.

The HTC One M9 likely wasn’t done any favours by its brethren, the HTC One M9 Plus, a bigger, better version, which was released not long after the release of the One M9. And it certainly hasn’t helped that the One M9 is basically a carbon copy of its predecessor apart from adopting a single rear camera and two-tone colour scheme. Whatever the root cause of this is, HTC needs to have a strong finish to the year, otherwise an acquisition may be their only salvation.

What do you think about HTC’s dismal HTC One M9 shipments this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: DigiTimes via Phone Arena

  • steve

    Not going with the Sony camera, not changing it every year, should of learned from Samsung and even your own mistakes repeated, like making a new flagship so fast. Too bad it’s a flop. You can actually find a new one for $400 sad.

  • FILA

    How many fails does HTC need to realize they need to up their game. HTC, read us online, year after year its the same shit and you continue to dissapoint, like Nintendo, lol. We have given up, but its not to late. Vanilla android, less bezel sides and tops and bottoms, better camera, on screen keys, etc