If you aren’t a PC gamer, or have friends that are, then Steam is a bit of a foreign service to you. In a nutshell it is a game service that lets you buy PC games, connect with game friends and have all your titles easily accessible anywhere you sign in. It also acts as a great way to stream games from one PC to another fairly well. On the Android front the Steam app let you see game sales, buy games, queue your connected PC to start downloading a title while you were away, chat with your gamer buddies and a little bit more. Unfortunately, it was one of the ugliest apps that many gamers had on their devices. There really wasn’t another option to access your Steam account on the go. Thankfully though, the app is getting updated and it brings in a bit of Google’s Material Design elements. Before you see what it looks like now, check out the familiar look of how it was.

Steam 1 (2)Steam 1 (3)Steam 1 (4)
Uhg. It was pretty hideous, but it got the job done and that is the most important part really. Now let’s see what it looks like after the update.

Steam 2 (1)Steam 2 (2)Steam 2 (3)
It still isn’t outstanding in my opinion, but it certainly a welcomed change. One day I would to see the app let us stream our games to our phones, tablets and Android TV. I mean, if NVIDIA and Moonshine can make it happen, why can’t Steam do it? The app is heading out to the Play Store, but you might not see it immediately. If you don’t see the update you can sideload it via APK Mirror, link below.

Download: Steam app v2.0.7

Steam (Playboard) | Steam (Play Store)
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