It previously seemed like Samsung was making a return to prominence with its release of the widely acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones. However, a report today paints a very different picture for the Korean manufacturer, saying that while Samsung Galaxy S6 sales have spearheaded an estimated 22% increase in profit quarter on quarter, the year on year figure has actually dropped 24% – when you consider that one year ago was in the Galaxy S5’s heyday, that becomes extremely surprising.

As a result of this, the report says that Samsung is now banking on the Galaxy Note 5, expected to be announced at IFA 2015 in September, to do most of the heavy financial lifting in the latter part of the year. Samsung is also expected to be launching the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, a larger, phablet-sized version of the Galaxy S6 Edge sometime in the coming weeks. The report also depicts a similar story for LG and its recently launched LG G4, which, more than anything, depicts a smartphone market that is incredibly hard to predict these days no matter how good the devices are.

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Source: Business Korea via SamMobile

  • coopere

    First off, the s6 plus makes little sense. Second, Android users aren’t as loyal as iPhone users where they pretty much have no other option than what Apple gives them. Also, although fans have said they’re tired of the plastic build, some still aren’t receptive of new premium design cause it lacks removable battery and memory card expansion. You can’t please everyone. Also other Android manufacturers have good devices so there are other options.

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