The LG G4 is a very rare device indeed – LG decided that its 2015 flagship should have an option of leather for its back cover, giving smartphone users an option of class that they might not necessarily have had with any other manufacturers. However, even if you got the leather version, you might still want to protect your device with a case, but it seems so futile since you’ll have all that beautiful leather hidden beneath the case. Well, for those of you in that situation, you might want to consider the Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4, a case that has leather on the back – this also applies to all those LG G4 users who got the plastic version and feel they want a leather option now. We’ve been reviewing the Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4 this week so let’s see what’s what.


What’s in the box

Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4 ReviewThe box of the Napa is a relatively simple affair – you’ll get the case itself and a statement of lifetime warranty from Moshi. Not a bad start. The case itself is mostly constructed from a hard plastic which we’re guessing is some kind of polycarbonate which makes for a very hard and impact-absorbing case. As you have no doubt already guessed, that is leather on the back of the Napa – specifically vegan leather which seems pretty genuine to me.

On the case itself, you’ll get access to all ports of the device with ample space given to the flash and laser focus sensor beside the camera. Unfortunately we didn’t have a LG G4 dummy on hand to try with the Napa, however, if we assume it’s similarly fitting as the Moshi Sensecover case we reviewed the other day, the fit of the Napa should be tight but not difficult to get your device in and out of the case if required. There are no button covers to worry about as the LG G4’s buttons are all rear mounted and there is ample space for that to be reached.


How does it perform

Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4 ReviewIf nothing else, the one thing that’s striking about the Napa is its looks. Even if you missed out on getting a leather back for your LG G4, you can now get it with the Napa, in either Metro Black or Garnet Red ,which is what we’ve got here – I find it’s more of a deep red/browny colour. Unlike the leather on the LG G4, the leather on the Napa doesn’t extend all the way to the corners, meaning it’s less likely that you’ll wear away the leather at the edges. It’s hard to tell how the leather will fare over a long time, but I had a scratch at it while taking these photos and it appeared to be quite durable.

Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4 ReviewOf course, for many of you protection is paramount and I’m glad to say that you will be well catered for with the Napa. Like all the good cases, the Napa has a raised lip which protects your display if you put it face down. Furthermore, since the leather doesn’t go around the corners of the case as well, you have very good coverage over the corners of the device which should easily withstand daily knocks and bumps.


What I like about the Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4

moshi_iglaze_napa_lg_g4_00007I really just love the idea of the Napa as a case that offers leather on the back of the device. While I understand why people want cases on their smartphones, getting a case for a LG G4 with leather on the back always seemed like a moot point since you would never get to feel the leather once the case goes on. While that’s not untrue with the Napa since it is still a case, at least this way you still get the leather experience without the fear of damaging your phone. And it works doubly well for the LG G4 owners who didn’t get the leather and now want in.


What I don’t like about the Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4

Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4 ReviewWhile Moshi doesn’t typically offer many colour variations of its cases, I was hoping that they’d make an exception for the Napa considering the number of coloured leathers you can choose from for the LG G4 itself – a white Napa would be killer. It’s definitely not a dealbreaker, but if you don’t like red or black, you may be out of luck here.


Final thoughts

Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4 ReviewThe Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4 is a wonderful case for owners who are looking to protect their LG G4 and still have the leather feeling when using their devices day to day. At $44.95 USD, it’s a bit dear for a case, but it’s unlikely most cases out there will give you the versatility of the Napa.

If you want to find out more about the Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4, you can visit its product page on the Moshi website here. We’ve also provided Amazon links below if you feel like pushing the button now.


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Moshi iGlaze Napa for the LG G4 Review: leather and elegance for your LG G4
Build Quality80%
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  • Option of leather
  • Solidly built
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  • Not many colours
  • A little pricey
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