Despite the fact that Google and Apple are bitter rivals, Google has somewhat opened its doors to its timeless enemy of late, introducing Android Wear compatibility on iOS. That’s as close as we’re going to get a peace greeting from either side, but when Google asked Apple whether they could add Chromecast Audio compatibility with Apple Music, they were denied. We’re sure there are many reasons why Apple would want to do this, but considering iOS supports Chromecast, we’re confused why they wouldn’t consider it for the sake of convenience – the convenience of their users might I add.

In case you missed the memo – because we sure did – the Chromecast Audio is pretty much a Chromecast for speaker systems, adding the capability to stream audio from any supported (or non-supported) app to the Chromecast Audio over Wi-Fi. It’s brilliantly convenient, as the original Chromecast was, and is pretty much perfect for all the music streaming services out there, Apple Music included. No doubt there are some power plays happening behind this all and we’re not expecting a straight answer out of Apple on this issue, but it’s kind of a bummer that Apple isn’t ready to play ball yet – the terrible Move to iOS app doesn’t count.

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Source: Trusted Reviews via Phandroid

  • steve

    But apple wants its stuff on Android I see. Apple music, move to ios but Google allowed no way.