We’re trying to give HTC the benefit of the doubt with their latest phone, but they aren’t making it easy. Photos of HTC’s “hero” phone, the HTC One A9, have been leaking out in earnest for the last few months – the last time we spotted it, we found out all the colours that it would be available in. The latest leak of the One A9 comes in the form of photos of a dummy unit which appears to give a 1:1 representation of what the smartphone is going to turn out looking like – and yes, it definitely looks like an iPhone. Sure, the camera module is in the middle and there’s a HTC logo at the bottom of the device, but the Average Joe could definitely mistake it for an iPhone in passing.

These photos come to us courtesy of leaker @OnLeaks which shows us the dummy unit, presumably from an AT&T store, from every angle that matters – note that the background has been removed for confidentiality. Apart from the likeness to the iPhone, the other glaring design faux pas appears on the bottom of the One A9 where the microUSB port appears off-centre – there appears to be enough space at the bottom of the device (after all the iPhone fit everything in) so we’ll have to wait and see about the reasoning of that. The One A9 is due to be announced on October 20th.

What do you think about the HTC One A9? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Twitter via The Verge

  • http://blog.sawilson.org/ Scott Wilson

    This looks like an HTC phone. The phones APPLE COPIED for their iPhone 6.

    • Stephen Yuen

      It’s probably true, but unfortunately I doubt the world’s media will see it that way :(

      • http://blog.sawilson.org/ Scott Wilson

        So what’s more important? Telling the truth, or placating an Apple biased valley press with an inferiority complex?

  • FILA

    its not to bad but it will prob be another disappointment made from them

  • Freddyb

    Ok first off, where do people get off saying this looks like an iPhone ? The iPhone 6 copied thebgtc one series look, long slim body design, metal body, iPhone even copied HTC’s stripes where then antenna is…. So tell me, how is it the HTC looks like the iPhone, when the iPhone copies HTC ???? obviously the writer has an iPhone… No one said shit about Apple’s iPhone copying the HTC one series, which Steve jobs openly admitted to, and said the HTC one m8 was a beautiful phone and he adopted the look of it into the iPhone 6… So how can HTC look like a phone that copied, HTC in the first place ??? wow if HTC really looks that much like an iPhone simply because they skimmed their phone down, and changed the camera, then it’s because the iPhone looks Like an htc, not the other way around. The HTC one series predate the iPhone by a few years !!! Sorry.

  • Freddyb

    HTC can’t copy their own design… It was HTC who figured out how to implement an all metal body, that wouldn’t interfere with the antenna (the rubber stripes on the back) you know those same stripes on the back of an iPhone that everyone says look like the makes the new HTC look like an iPhone… Yea Apple stole that from HTC !! All phones now have cameras in the center, and home buttons, ect…. But why is it you find similarities of the iPhone in the new HTC, it’s because your just now realizing how bad the iPhone 6, ripped off HTC….

  • Freddyb

    This isn’t a flagship phone. This is just their mid-range phone, with descent specs and a low price, to make the company a little extra money, and compete with LG and Samsung’s lower end handsets. But the HTC will have their new flagship for the year between Dec and march…

  • Freddyb

    The HTC o2, will be the flagship phone, taking the place of the m10, they are changing the model name and starting something new. The camera on the o2 is supposed to be a 12mp ultra pixel, duo camera. That’s pretty awesome considering how good the m8’s camera was. A lot of people bashed the m8’s camera, because of the mp’s being so low, but that’s only because people are under the false impression the more mp’s the better the camera, which us far from accurate. The type of pixels or the size of pixels is what’s matters, along with the sensor, and the lens… Unlessbyoue blowing an image up huge, or zooming in far the mp’s mean very little. This is why the m8 took better images then the iPhone 6 and the Samsung s5. I have an image of the iPhone 6 beside my HTC one m8 with the same image, and the m8 just looks far better. So if a 4mp ultra pixel camera was that good, then 12mp, ultra pixel camera is going to kick ass. I mean you only need an 8no camera for 4k, just as Apple.

    • Harold Goldner

      I never liked my M8’s ultrapixel camera because it didn’t have ENOUGH pixels and was horrible in low light. I much preferred my M9’s camera with more megapixels. I matched images and the M9 consistently prevailed. (Note, most users don’t bother to dig around in the settings to get the best from the M9 camera it can give).

      If HTC did actually put out a 12 ultrapixel phone that might interest me.

      Meanthilw, the Aero is not a flagship; it’s a midrange handset (a solid midrange handset). I think folks are confused because Cher Wang mentioned a “hero phone” for fall release. I think the reality is that there is no true “hero” phone for this fall, perhaps Q1 2016.