Have you spent countless hours watching video streams of people playing console and PC games and thinking “Man, I could do that, but I play mobile games.” Well, your chance to be the mobile gaming king of the world is at your finger tips with YouTube Gaming. The latest update that started rolling out yesterday, gives would be mobile gaming stars the tools needed to live broadcast their gaming sessions, expressions and vocal thoughts directly from the app.

Mobile Capture, as it is called, lets you record your sessions for sharing or editing later, or go straight live for other to watch while you play. You can turn on your selfie cam and on lookers can watch your reactions as well as get play by play through your devices mic. The function does require your device to be on Android Lollipop or higher, but I have seen some comments on the Play Store of devices like the N7 and Droid Turbo having issues.

What’s New

A winner is you! New features:
• Mobile Capture! Live stream or record your mobile games. Host your stream with your selfie cam and record your commentary with your phone’s microphone. (Lollipop and higher)
• Faster discovery of live streams for games in your collection
• Support your favorite creators with Fan Funding (just tap “$” and choose your tip)
• Easy video bookmarking with Watch Later
• Import existing subscriptions from YouTube via Settings
• Performance improvements and bug fixes
I caught some other info at 9to5Google today about Sponsorship’s that are in beta testing right now apparently. It sounds a bit different that the Fan Funding that is mentioned in the changelog. Sponsorship’s are apparently a $3.99 subscription that will remove ads and give sponsors various extra perks like live chat badges and things. I’ll keep checking in on how that is playing out as more information is available.
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