I have always wondered if Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd ever imagined that Back to the Future would become what it has become. Regardless their thoughts while making the movies, the fact is they will always be the best time traveling movies in history. We would all love to have a Delorean that takes us through time at 88MPH, while it might be only science fiction, that doesn’t mean we all can’t have a Flux Capacitor at our disposal. Don’t worry, this sucker isn’t nuclear. The icon master, The Phlash, has a number of watch faces for your Android Wear watch in the Play Store. They are above and beyond your traditional watch faces and bring some pretty cool looks to your wrist. He released another one the other day in preparation for his time travel to 2012 with CAPACITOR.

CAPACITOR Android Wear Watch Face

You know it is sick. You have control over what color your Flux is from the settings of the face on the watch and from Android Wear. Now, if I can get my hands on those Nike’s and a hover board, my life will be nearly complete.

Back to the Future

Gear yourself up for some time travel today and pick up CAPACITOR from the Play Store below.

CAPACITOR – Watch Face (Playboard) | CAPACITOR – Watch Face (Play Store)