AT&T’s purchase of DirecTV gave them the unique ability to offer television service to customers that weren’t located in their U-Verse footprint. Since its availability AT&T has been pushing a variety of promotional offers, mainly on tablets, unified billing and port credits, to entice current and would be customers to make the switch. Their latest offering that puts DirecTV at the middle of everything is the return of an unlimited data plan. As some of you may recall, AT&T has been working tirelessly to convince customers to switch off their unlimited plans and into a more traditional shared data package. As of tomorrow though, you can opt back into one if you meet the proper criteria.

All new and existing DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse customers can opt for an unlimited plan that gives calls, text and data. The wireless side of things starts at $100 for one line ($60 for the plan and a $40 line fee) with line 2 and line 3 adding on an additional $40 a line. As an added bonus, they are making the 4th line free. As with most promotions for FREE charges waived, the $40 is a monthly bill credit. In simplest terms, a 4 line family plan with unlimited data will run you $180 before tax and any NEXT payment on your devices.

Pricing from there gets a bit more complicated for other things. A tablet, for instance, currently runs you $10 a month to share the data on the Mobile Share plans. On the unlimited plan you have two options; $40 a month for it to have unlimited data, or $10 a month for it have 1GB of data. Smartwatches, like the Gear S2, will sit at $10 a month along with other connected devices. The basic and messaging phones will toss on another $25 a line.

AT&T Unlimited Data Plan

Pairing this with DirecTV and U-Verse makes a lot of sense really as both offer you ways to watch your subscription on the go. Now you can truly watch it without worrying about going over your plan too. All good things have some sort of additional strings. AT&T will reserve the right to throttle your speeds down on a per-line basis once you hot 22GB of usage. Not all bad really. However, there is one omitted fact from the press release, tethering is not included. I have a feeling they might offer something in due time to allow for it, for an extra charge of course.

Final words of wisdom, none of those prices include DirecTV or U-Verse Television, that would be all on top off the wireless service unlimited plan.

Anyone out there heading to their local AT&T store tomorrow to get in on the promotional plan? More details will go live tomorrow at

Source: AT&T