Any time the Internet gets a whiff of a high profile executive using the product of one of its competitors (or in this case, ex-competitors), it usually results in a whole lot of noise on the Internet. The person at the centre of this latest “controversy” (yawn) is chairman of Alphabet and former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt who was snapped using an iPhone at yesterday’s Go championship between a man and a computer. Seen clearly in the above photo featured by OSEN, Schmidt is presumably using said iPhone device to film the Go proceedings (quite awkwardly if we say so ourselves).

Is this a big deal? Not particularly. Is it ironic? Yes, probably more than a little. It’s not unusual for executives at the top to just use whatever is most convenient and perhaps all Schmidt had on hand was an iPhone to video this momentous occasion. On the flip side, for anybody saying that it’s not the least bit ironic should be reminded that Schmidt is still the chairman of Alphabet, of which Google is a subsidiary – and the last time I checked, Google is still not a particularly big fan of Apple. Either way, take this news as you will – can you tell it’s the weekend?

What do you think about Eric Schmidt using an iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: OSEN via TalkAndroid

  • McHale72

    I was pretty sure even Google was aware how slow and crappy their OS is. I guess when you’re taking photos or videos of something important you don’t want to deal with FC’s constantly.

    • Ryan

      I think he was just trying to see if he could take a better picture than Tim Cook could.

  • Alex

    This isn’t in the least bit a bit deal. Go to Google’s campus; notice the iPhones. Why? Because Google is a cross-platform developer. It makes apps for iOS that are actually really good. You’ll also see lots of Macbooks. It’s a myth that Google “hates” Apple.

  • Rick Emery

    That’s photoshopped. If it was an iPhone, he’d be shooting in portrait mode. Landscape video is a no-no on iOS.