MWC 2016 has come and gone, but there’s still one exciting smartphone release still to come next month. HTC is due to release its 2016 flagship smartphone, the HTC 10 (also colloquially known as the HTC One M10), and today we’ve been treated to some photos of the device in the flesh, confirming many of the features we’ve been expecting (and some dreading). Starting with the back of the device, we see a very standard HTC design with metal frame, chamfered edges, and a single camera – funny that we’ve come full circle and are now back at the design of the HTC One M7.

While the back shows a few changes, the front is the one that is quite different. Chief among these differences to predecessors is the absence of any HTC branding on the front of the HTC 10, and hence, a lack of a black bar directly above the home button. Also of note is the return of capacitive buttons which sit either side of the home button (which we’re guessing doubles as a fingerprint scanner). In terms of the software shown on the screen, there’s not much to take note of, but no doubt HTC has something up their sleeve.

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Source: Twitter via Droid-life

  • Mokeburry

    I don’t see what the issue is with the capacitive buttons. They already have the space taken up by the physical home button so putting the capacitive buttons next to it takes away no additional screen space. It actually adds space since there doesn’t have to be a bar on the screen for the buttons. If there was no physical home button than it would be a different story.

  • Harold Goldner

    The fingerprint scanner likely IS the “home” button, as on an iphone. The screen when on is actually much larger than the prior One’s or the A9.

  • FILA

    damn capacitive buttons.