Samsung‘s ads often come off a little too serious and a little too melodramatic – with the Galaxy S7, however, it looks like they’re having a bit of fun. The latest Galaxy S7 ad features rapper Lil Wayne as he pours champagne all over his Galaxy S7 and then proceeds to submerge it into a fish tank while on a phone call. Weezy’s friend attempts this with his own phone, promptly ruining it, but luckily Lil Wayne has a spare – because #WeezyThings. Check out the 30 second ad below:

As the disclaimer says at the bottom of the screen, you probably shouldn’t try this at home, but it’s definitely a fun way to demonstrate a device’s waterproof capabilities. In case you were wondering, the Galaxy S7 (and Galaxy S7 edge) are water resistant up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes, and it’s recommended that if you do attempt to pour champagne on your Galaxy S7 that you rinse and dry it afterwards. Now excuse me while I use “whaaaaaaa?” as my go-to catchphrase for the rest of the week.

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Source: YouTube via The Verge