In October 2013, I attended the EB Expo in Sydney and met the independent developer, Injoy Labs. At the time, they had a working prototype of their game, Cell Surgeon, but the game was still quite a ways off from a full release. Since then, Injoy Labs has been extremely busy with other games like Draw A Box, and it appears that Cell Surgeon has been very much a labour of love – which brings me to today when it has finally been officially launched on Android and iOS. At its heart, Cell Surgeon is a match-4 game, but before you groan, it takes a very interesting take on the puzzle genre. I’ll let the launch trailer speak for itself:

I get a distinct Mario Galaxy-vibe, probably thanks to the world-like view you get of the cells that you play with. The cartoonish art style is adorable and boasts 26 levels and 10 unique virus types, each with their own specific way of matching. To help you along, you’ll also get powerups which will help you demolish viruses even more efficiently. If you’re keen to try out Cell Surgeon, it’s available now on the Google Play Store for $2.99 AUD.

What do you think about Cell Surgeon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Injoy Labs

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