After Samsung’s success with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, we all know that the South Korean smartphone giant will launch its Galaxy Note 6 next. The Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to launch in July with Android N on board. There’s no doubt that Note 6 will give direct competition to the upcoming iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

We also know that it will be water & dust resistant as is Galaxy S7. We now have information that it will feature a USB Type-C port, reversible connector and all. We don’t know whether it will be USB 3.1 or an older standard. USB 3.1 supports USB Power Delivery 2.0 for faster device charging and the ability to carry HDMI or Display Port video signals. While we knew some of the configurations, few of them are heard for the first time.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6’s configuration was leaked out on Weibo earlier and offer up much of what we all are expecting from the next Note series. The Note 6 will be carry a 5.8-inch screen (5.77 inches, to be precise), and the resolution should also be the typical 2K. The camera might support IR autofocus, which, combined with the 12MP dual-pixel Galaxy S7 camera, will focus faster in low light and more. The Note 6 will indeed have 6GB’s of ram. This device will be supported by Samsung’s DRAM production line, hence production capacity and supply should not be any problem. Also there is rumour that a new GEAR-VR will follow the devices launch. Even  based on rumour, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are switching to USB Type-C, the current Gear VR model won’t work with it. We will have to wait to see more details as the day’s past.

Source:- Sammobile