WhatsApp wants to expand its availability from mobile devices to desktop. While the messenger platform already offers up a web-based variant,  the company is apparently working to bring a native application to end users. Much like Hangouts and Facebook offers.  The popular cross platform messenger app is tipped to be working on native desktop apps for Windows and Mac.



According to a series of screenshots posted by WABetaInfo on twitter,  WhatsApp seems to be working on clients for Windows and OS X.  The screenshots show alleged translation requests by the WhatsApp team, pointing at the upcoming release of the apps.


The details however, are not confirmed at the moment. Although there is no way to confirm the authenticity of these images, it should not be a difficult task for the company as it already has a Web interface. It might also be that WhatsApp is just testing the idea, which we might not even see. The Facebook owned popular instant messenger service has over 1 billion active users and offers apps for various platforms like Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Nokia and Symbian devices. Also, Whatsapp did confirmed last month that they are ending support for BlackBerry and Symbian device come December. Not a huge deal since Blackberry has moved on to utilize Android as its base operating system. However, it will make those who are stock piling the dying BB OS devices will soon find themselves out of luck.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for native clients in the next few months. Let’s hope they become official soon.

Source:-WABetaInfo, via