As we all know, Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Note 6/Note 7 in first week of August according to latest news reports. Many rumors claim that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Note 7 instead of Note 6, to bring the numbering in sync with the Galaxy S7. There is no doubt that Note 6 will give direct competition to the upcoming iPhone.

We can also see new USB Type-C port on the next-generation Galaxy Note, which enables faster data transfers and faster charging. Now a video is leaked, which shows us that the handset will feature a design that’s almost identical to the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung note 6,7 edge

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 configuration was leaked on Weibo earlier. The Galaxy Note 6 will most probably be carry a 5.8-inch screen (5.77 inches, to be precise), and the resolution should also be the typical 2K. The camera might support IR autofocus, which, combined with the 12MP dual-pixel Galaxy S7 camera, will focus faster in low light conditions.

Also, there is rumour that a new Gear VR will follow the launch of the Galaxy Note 6/Note 7 Edge. Even based on rumour, it shouldn’t be a surprise if the company switches to USB Type-C port. The current-generation Gear VR model won’t work with it then. We will have to wait to see more details as the day’s past.

Source: @Onleaks Via: uSwitch

  • Daniél Lecoq

    “We can also see new USB Type-C port on the next-generation Galaxy Note, which enables faster data transfers and faster charging.”

    That’s not quite true, it depends on what standard they use on the USB protocol and what technology the SoC supports for charging.
    While I assume that Samsung will have the fastest possible charging, since they’ve used the fastest available technologies in the past, it has nothing to do with what kind of USB port they use.

    For example. The Huawei P9 got a USB-C port. It only supports fast charging with Huawei’s propriety special charger(not included in the package) because of the Kirin chipset and it only supports USB 2.0 transfer speeds, according to the specs sheet.