Many of us work in or deal with noisy environments. We are frequent travelers who depend on noise-canceling earbuds to block out the rumble of a plane. We are workers in open-plan offices trying to concentrate. That’s why noise-canceling earbuds are the saving grace of earbud technology. Discover four reasons why it’s important to purchase the right type of noise-canceling earbuds.

Noise Canceling, Not Noise Isolating

Noise-canceling and noise-isolating earbuds function differently, although these two types sound quite similar. Noise-isolating earbuds have a physical structure that blocks out ambient noise. This type works relatively well for everyday use and for the gym, but doesn’t block out enough noise for places such as public transportation and airplanes.

Noise-canceling earbuds often have noise-isolating components, but with a major difference: These type of earbuds use sound wave technology and tiny speakers to cancel out ambient noise. Noise-canceling earbuds detect the consistent noises around you, such as the hum of an airplane engine, and play the exact opposite frequency, causing the sound waves to cancel out the offending noise.

When you’re looking for a new set of earbuds that will block out as much ambient noise as possible, select the noise-canceling variety.

Comfortable Fit Technology


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No amount of perks or technological innovations will compensate for incorrectly fitting earbuds. Sound-canceling earbuds featuring state-of-the-art technology allows you to tune out the noise from your workplace or travel space when you’re using them with your Android smartphone or tablet.

When selecting a pair of sound-canceling earbuds, look for options offering interchangeable earbud tips so you can find the right fit for your ear canal. Comparing a pair of earbuds that fits you well with the models you’re thinking about buying can be helpful. You’ll love them so much that you shouldn’t be surprised if you stop using the stereo speakers in your home.

A Long Battery Life

Noise-canceling earbuds run by battery. Battery power operation may sound like a downside, but these earbuds need battery power to use the noise-canceling technology. Do you do a lot of traveling? Are you the kind of person who forgets to plug in your phone? Finding noise-canceling earbuds with a long battery life is essential if you don’t think you’re going to be near charging stations often.

Some of the headband versions of noise-canceling earbuds require batteries, such as vintage Game Boys, but the earbud versions tend to plug into the wall like the rest of your electronics. Think about your environment: If you’ll have ample opportunity to charge your earbuds, then battery life may not be as important to you. If you spend much time traveling or commuting, or you appreciate a long battery life, consider noise-canceling earbuds that offer as much as 100 hours of listening time without a charge.

Superior Sound Quality

You have all kinds of music players and internet radio stations loaded on your Android device. Whether you like to jam out to your favorite playlist on Spotify or you’ve selected your favorite radio stations on iHeartRadio, you want good sound quality with your noise-canceling earbuds.

When you’re researching the best noise-canceling technology, don’t forget to check for the type of sound the earbuds offer. Does the pair you’re interested in purchasing offer amplified bass or better distinction in the mid-range? What have customers said about the sound itself coming through the earbuds? If you’re looking for noise-canceling headphones so you can block out the distractions and listen to your favorite tunes uninterrupted, why would you settle for any product that offers less than superior sound quality?

Finding the right noise-canceling earbuds may take some time and shopping around, but the result is worth the time you’ll spend. Think about what you can do when you can cut down on the ambient noise around you. Think about how much easier it will be for you to focus on your music without hearing overlaps in sound from the environment around you, whether you’re using public transportation, working at the office, or enjoying alone time at home.

  • YS

    I don’t understand why people like noise cancelling earbuds.

    Bose advertises (or at least used to advertise) their noise cancelling earbuds as “99 % noise reduction”. Now, that sounds impressive, but it’s only 20 dB noise reduction.

    I googled noise isolating earbuds, and the first earbud to pop up (Shure SE215) advertises 37 dB noise reduction.

    37 dB is better than 20 dB, and you don’t have the extra audio processing to muddy up the signal. So, why choose a noise cancelling earbuds?