NoodleCake Studios is a company name that might ring a bell to those that love a bit more indie type games. They have brought me hours of fun with the Super Stickman Golf series, Alto’s Adventure, Mikey Shorts and many others. This morning they have launched another title that is sure to be well received, Try Harder.

Try Harder, in a nutshell, is a side scrolling endless runner platform. The controls are simple (tap to jump and hold to glide), the power-ups are ridiculous and the deaths are often. Hence the name, Try Harder. Each death will leave your lifeless body intact, making it not only easy to see if you beat your previous run, but they also act as helpful platforms over the deadly trap that got you the previously. As your patience thins for the configuration you are on, you have the ability to randomly generate a new level to try your luck at.

Try Harder is free in the Play Store and could easily become your new time waster for the day. On a side note, Noodlecake has also released the title to Pick it up when you have a chance and be ready to Try Harder to beat your last maiming location.

Install Try Harder in the Play Store

Install Try Harder from for Windows, Mac OS and Android

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