Google recently made its 1-to-1 video calling app, Duo, available on the Play Store. In a nut shell it allows users of iOS and Android to call each other directly face to face. It is simple, straight forward and takes very little set-up. While the internet is full of arguments over its need when hangouts could already do calls, I think it is a great option for the mass majority of smartphone users out there and helps easily bridge the gap between iOS and Android on the FaceTime argument.

While the app works well, and is so easy to use that grandma can do it, there are still features that other users want. Mainly audio only calls. A Google+ post from Amit Fulay, who happens to be a Google employee, became quite the platform for conversation around Duo’s launch. In a response to the barrage of comments and questions, he let slip that audio-only calling would be coming soon. In Google world though that could be next month, or next year. It is still reassuring that it is something they will bring to its user base at some point at least.

Have you given Duo a shot yet? Can you see where and why Google felt making a stand alone, cross-platform, easy to use video calling app was important?

Source: Google+ Via Phandroid