Today Samsung officially presents the GalaxyS8 to the public, not much less than the reputation of the Group is at stake. Just before the official presentation, as you know all the details of the Samsung GalaxyS8 were leaked, here we are trying to summarize all the leaks and rumors about GalaxyS8.

But why is the Galaxy S8 so important to Samsung?

The Galaxy-S models are traditionally the sharpest competition for Apple’s iPhone, which leads in the business with expensive smartphones. The two-team competition is likely to be more exciting than ever. Rather, it goes for Samsung is this time also to leave the debacle around the burning batteries of its model Galaxy Note 7 last autumn.

The Galaxy S8 is introduced about a month later than usual, because Samsung left after the debacle more time.  According to the analysts the share of Samsung fell down to almost 20% in the smartphone market, and Apple pushed itself just to the top.

A successful presentation of a new and decent smartphone would surely appease both fans and critics alike. The S8 is therefore for Samsung much more than just a smartphone, it could be the beginning of a new company era. It may be curious whether the reboot succeeds.

In recent leaks they confirm details such as display size and resolution. They also leak new pictures of Galaxy S8 and more details which supposedly come directly from Samsung’s Marketing Department. In the center, Samsung will be on the one hand the new, stretched display back, on the other hand the camera, It is to take pictures with 12 megapixels; the aperture is indicated with f / 1.7. In addition, there is a laser focus and possibly an optical image stabilizer.

The leaks also confirmed that Samsung will install an iris scanner. In basic equipment Samsung will provide 64GB of internal memory which can be extended by 256GB with the microSD card.

As is known, the S8 as a processor is the Samsung Exynos 8895, which has four cores with 1.7 and four cores with 2.5 GHz, which should be particularly energy-saving or particularly powerful.

Information about accessories for the Galaxy S8 has also become known. There is a docking station with the name DeX, in which the S8 can be placed. The image of the phone should be output on a monitor, as well as connections for Ethernet and USB devices. At the same time, the phone is charged.

Directly from Samsung, there will be new Clear-View sleeves for the S8, which protect the device, with their semi-transparent surface but at the same time allow a look at the display.

Bottom line is that both Galaxy-S8 versions are among the strongest Android smartphones, which will be available in spring 2017. The performance difference between the two versions will hardly be noticed in everyday use.