We all like free. Free music, free games, free apps, free movies and almost anything else free. We also like good discounts and good deals. While we can’t always have things for free or for super dirt cheap, there are still some things to be said about bolstering your movie collection for a decent price. In case you are unaware, Google is currently celebrating the Play Stores 2nd birthday branding change. While it isn’t bringing in $0.02 purchases or a extremely discounted apps or games, it still has a fair share of offerings that are worth a look.

Earlier we share that Tom Hanks classic movie Big was free and was the HD version no less. That sparked a look at the birthday page and look around at some of the other areas that Google links into special deals. On the official 2nd birthday page there is a variety of things to look at, but if you head into each section you will get lists of things on special. In the movie tab there are 785 movies for under $10 to own, not rent.

Google Play Store Birthday Movie Deals
Don’t be fooled by the price tag listed on the movie listing page though, that is still the rental price. You will need to click on each movie to find out the pricing deal. For instance, The Croods is $8.99, Hotel Transylvania is $7.99 and Turbo is $8.99. There are some older great in there like Friday for $6.99, Full Metal Jacket for $6.99 and the Never Ending Story for $6.99.

Head into the Birthday Deals Movie Promo page and take a look around.

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