This has been a big week for us. We are working many changes into AndroidSPIN, including OpenRelease, the ROM Database replacement [original post]. We are also playing with the site layout to help support all the traffic we receive [more info here]. We even helped those wanting a Droid to score it for just $50.

Now on to the recap.


Watch a hands-on video of the Motorola Cliq XT. Archos is bringing 2 new tablets soon. Kill some time with this extended video of the Motorola Devour. We put the Desire against the Nexus One. LG will bundle augmented reality with its LU2300. The FCC approves the Legend. Phillips announced the GoGear Connect, an Android powered PMP. The HTC Incredible has been spotted in an inventory. Adobe tested the effects of Flash 10.1 on the Nexus One [more info]. The FCC may have approved the Verizon Nexus One (and it should debut 3/23). Haleron Android tablet set to ship March 1 for $199. The Entourage Edge is nearing shipping readiness. The Dell Mini 5 is said to be aiming high. Eight Android devices are designed for more than calls.


Paid apps could become free apps with Ivdopia’s app commercial system. Google gave us Google Earth. Farmville is running on the Nexus One. Gowalla added Skyhook support. Better Keyboard updates and brings better voice setting. Recognizr demos its facial recogniztion abilities. Learn how to control Google Voice by location. Paid apps are coming to Canada. More shots of FireFox Mobile show up.

Android OS

Cyanogenmod goes v5.0.3.1 (and his hoodies and T-shirts finally became available!!) and then goes v5.0.4. Modaco works the Desire ROM into the Nexus One (preview some screenshots). Cyanogen opens an official forum for his roms. Android 2.1 got up and running on 4 WinMo handsets. . The Motorola Cliq gets an update, but no 2.1 yet. JIT makes its way to the public. OpenEclair releases 1.2.2. KingKlick releases Eclair Hero 2.1 v1.3 [screenshots]. ALL US ANDROID PHONES SHOULD REVIECE 2.1 UPDATE. T-Mobile is rolling out a baby update for the G1.


Sprint confirms their first WiMAX device will be out this summer. Verizon is offering a $40 discount on accessories. Indosat (Indonesian carrier) is the first to offer the Xperia X10. The HTC Desire is going to AT&T and the Legend is going to Sprint. Acer’s Liquid E is coming to Rogers this spring. Verizon’s next android device could be the Saygus Vphone. AT&T bests the rest in 3G test. TIM Brazil will get the Motorola Cliq XT. Sprint announces new 4G location. Rogers rebrands the Magic as the Magic+. The HTC Incredible has been confirmed for Verizon. The Verizon Nexus One should debut March 23. Vodaphone could be bringing the Nexus One to the UK.


Simon asks “Is the Meego joint venture going to hurt Android?” and shines some light on Enomthers TheOfficial Nexus1 ROM. Android takes the lead in free apps. Google says JUST KIDDING with the China stops of the Nexus One tour. Benny gives the physical keyboard a good plea. Android is one of the fastest growing smart phones and produces the most buzz. Alex shows how to customize your G1/MT3G to look like a Nexus One. Jolie points out that she was right with Android leaning towards male users and talks about the Android revolution.


Revolution 2217 [game]
OpenEclair v1.2.1 [ROM]
OpenEclair v1.2.2 [ROM]
Aldiko eBook Reader [app]

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