Nothing like a holiday update treat for your device to make dealing with the in-laws just a little bit more bearable. Sprint has begun the arduous task of pushing out a much desired OTA to LG G4 owners on the Now Network. Yes, that would be Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Sprint’s support page doesn’t go into any real details, but we all know it brings things like Now on Tap to the mix. More importantly though, it brings Android Doze. Which, in my opinion, is the single greatest aspect of Marshmallow as it saves a ton of battery when your device is just chilling next to your spiked eggnog. Sprint lists “Sprint Global Roaming” as part of the update as well.

Those of you sporting an LG G4 on Sprint, head into settings and check for updates if you don’t already have it. I will naturally assume you should have well over 50% battery life, a solid Wi-Fi connection and plenty of time for the download to complete and install. You will be looking for software version number LS991ZV9.

Happy updating all.

Via: Sprint Support

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