Android and our Search For Superior Sound

How many of you use your Phones, Phablets or Tablets to listen to Music, Watch TV and Movies and play Games?  When you do, do you want to listen or play in private?  I do!

Most of my Movie and TV watching is done when I’m travelling, and mainly on an airplane flight or sitting in a hotel room.

A lot of devices are not very loud when it comes to music, either because the speakers inside the devices are not very large or the sound they produce is weak and low volume.  Because the quality of the speaker is inferior, I’m guessing a lot of the manufacturers limit the audio volume you can feed them so they last longer.  Which does make sense as your run of the mill smart phone is not really designed as speaker, that’s why we have headphone jacks.

I’ve installed equalizers to play around with the sound, and used volume boosters to make them louder.  Even with a low end pair of headphones strapped across my shiny bald head, I still have problems listening to a lot of the shows I watch on airplanes.  You need to get rid of the background noise and have good quality audio from your headphones.

I’ve started to wonder if the quality of the ear buds and headsets I’ve tried are the main cause of the problem, especially on a noisy airplane.

With my frustration put aside, I’ve decided to hit up a number of suppliers and put this theory to the test.

I have a range of headsets arriving over the coming days and weeks.  I’m going to test each set for a few days and will be posting my findings in a series of posts titled “Android and our Search for Superior Sound”.

This is my intro and I’ll keep adding my index of headsets in this post and referencing back here so you can ride the sound waves with me, so to speak.

I hope to have headsets from Coloud, V-Moda, Urbanears, Scosche, Marshall and I-Mego.  We’ll see what arrives and I’ll try contact others to make sure I have a good selection.

If you know of other manufacturers you think I should contact, be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


What do we have so far:


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  1. Balthazar B

    Be sure to get some of the Audio-Technical noise-cancelling earbuds and headphones, especially if you’re going to be testing on planes, ferries, in cars, etc.

  2. Adrian

    During your testing make sure you use Neutron MP. IMO it’s the best Android App for listening to music. It has a 64bit audio engine. The UI is a mess but the audio quality can’t be beat.

  3. donomans

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 are worth a look. They’re really hard to beat around the $150 price range as far as performance. Not the most comfortable, but great sounding over ear headphones. I’d be really curious how they fair against the others.

  4. Gurnted

    Don’t sleep on the Porta Pro by Koss. They can be found for under $40 (about $100 less than the cans you have been reviewing), but by no means lack in quality. They have been the same design for over 30 years, and have been the go-to comparison model for it’s class.

    I’ve been using them for over 17 years now, and have found few models that can compete with them (even at 2-3x the price).

    Now…I wouldn’t recommend them for tracking, monitoring, or anything like that. They are designed more for listening enjoyment. Where they really shine is when hooked up to portable devices. If you are looking for LOUD full sounding headphones; be sure to check these out before spending more on big bulky cans that are a pain in the ass to lug around, and only sound slightly (if at all) better.

    …..did I mention they are F****** LOUD! 😉


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