ASUS Cube with Google TV
I am not entirely sure how I missed the ASUS Cube at CES, but apparently it was there. It was announced at that time and has since been chanced from the “Qube” to the “Cube” I kinda like the old non traditional spelling myself, but whatever floats their boat I suppose.

The ASUS Cube is their first venture into Google TV. We know ASUS is a pretty heavy hitter in the tablet market with their various Transformer devices. Beyond the fact that it has a two-sided remote, Gyro Sensors, HDMI in and HDMI out, IR Blaster, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, runs Android 3.2 has the ASUS Webstore and 50GB of WebStorage, I can’t seem to find processor details or anything else about it. They did take the typical Google TV experience and dress it up a bit and give it a little skinning. Surprise, it is a cube interface. Not sure Google TV really needs a new and more visually appealing UI though.

ASUS cude UI
ASUS has a pretty great track record with updates and making things work. That makes the Cube a very promising device to purchase. If you have a spare 21 minutes, you can check out the overview of the ASUS Cube in the video down below.


If you want to pull the trigger on a pre-order, you can do so over at right now.

Via AndroidHeadlines

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