Sounds like AT&T is gearing up to make a little more money thanks to some chatter regarding new fees that are said to land on August 1st. As it sits right now, if you snag a new device on a contract, which the company has been discouraging a bit, then you are subject to a $40 activation fee on the next billing statement. If you opt for one of the NEXT programs, then you only have to worry about the monthly device charge on the next bill until it is paid off. Doing so also gives you a bit of a discount on the current price plan set up knocking anywhere from $15 to $25 off the pre-line charge.

AT&T Mobile Share Value plans

According to sources, the 2-year contract activation fee will be moving up from $40 to $45 on August 1st. The carrier will also be implementing a new fee for NEXT program upgrades which will toss on a $15 activation fee on the next bill as well. If you Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and start a line or add a line, you too will see the $15 charge on your next bill.

To the best of my knowledge, the increase makes AT&T the highest priced carrier to upgrade with. AT&T moved from $35 to $40 just over a year ago with big red Verizon on their heels.  I expect to see a similar move by them very soon. If we put the fees into a real world thought, 1,000 NEXT upgrades will net AT&T $15,000 for simply switching your SIM card, or typing in, a SIM card on your account. Talk about a quick profit margin increase. I suppose they need that injection of funds with the Direct TV deal becoming official soon.

Source: Droid-Life

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