Ever since Samsung hinted that it would be launching a new tablet called the Samsung Galaxy View, we’ve been intrigued by its alleged enormous 18.6-inch frame. As it turns out, its existence and quite a few details about the Galaxy View have been revealed thanks to a FCC listing of the AT&T variant of the device. According to the documents, the Galaxy View indeed does have a 18.6-inch display, and it’s clear from an accompanying diagram that the device will have dual speakers on its back.

Samsung Galaxy ViewThe details of the device, named the SM-T667A, also include LTE support with standard wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The LTE support is a curious addition given how large the tablet is, though we can’t exactly blame Samsung for covering all bases. We do, however, expect that the Galaxy View will be more of a hit at home and office, maybe even in schools, as its large display and touchscreen should make for an effective productivity tool.

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Source: FCC via The Verge

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