Ballistic Every1 Case For Samsung Galaxy S III Review

The Ballistic Every1 Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III is another of the latest in the line of smartphone protection from Ballistic offering 4 layers of drop protection prolonging the life of your phone.


Ballistic Every1 Case SGSIII Font


The design and features of this case are incredibly well put together and provide an excellent package and protection in a very thin and small form factor.  The main features include:

  • Advanced four layers of protection
  • Easy to pocket
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Air Gap Suspension Springsâ„¢ surrounds your phone with 1mm of air so your phone never lays against a hard surface
  • Active Latchesâ„¢ easy to open high strength latches that also act as extra cushioning for the corners of your device
  • Reinforced Ballistic Cornersâ„¢
  • Includes lay-on-table feature – screen will not touch the surface when laid flat on a table
  • Integrated port covers
  • Extremely durable horizontal holster


Here’s a video from the Ballistic website that gives a quick overview of the Ballistic Every1 Case.


The Ballistic Every1 case is one of the easiest cases I’ve had to install.  Ballistic have taken multiple layers of protection and built them into a single double sided case system that clicks easily in place and locks in the corners.  The corner locks double up as corner bumpers to help with protection if you drop your phone.


Ballistic Every1 Case SGSIII Corner Bumpers


The front section has a built-in screen protector removing the need for sometimes complicated screen protector installation.  The entire covering is rubberized so your phone doesn’t slide around when its lad down on any surface, but slick enough that inserting your phone in your pocket is still easily managed.

The headphone and charging ports are covered with small rubber flaps preventing unwanted dust and debris getting into your ports.  The Home button on the front of your device is also enclosed behind a raised rubber button making it easy to find and use.


Ballistic Every1 Case SGSIII Top


The outer rubber shell is wrapped over an inner hard shell, but they have cleverly allowed small bumpers to pass through all around the edges to hold your phone on the inside of the Ballistic Every1 case.  This has the effect of preventing your phone from touching most of the inner surface and acts as a cushion to prevent damage.  The back also features small raised nobs cushioning the back of your device from the outer shell.


Ballistic Every1 Case SGSIII Inside Back


With Ballistics standard kickstand built into the back of the case, you can stand your phone on your desk for watching movies and listening to music, or whatever else takes your fancy.


Ballistic Every1 Case SGSIII Kickstand Back


You’ll also find a sturdy holster in the box so you can attach your Ballistic Every1 case to your belt.


Ballistic Every1 Case SGSIII Holster


Available in three color schemes; Charcoal/Raspberry, Grey/Black and Black/White, there is enough choice to suite most people.

For more information, head over to the Ballistic website and check out the vast collection of cases available for almost any device.


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