Ballistic SG Maxx Series Case For Samsung Galaxy S III Review

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The Ballistic SG Maxx Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the latest in the line of smartphone protection offering 4 layers of drop protection prolonging the life of your phone.

The big issue we all face today is that phones are getting bigger and bigger and installing any case on your carefully designed smartphone just makes them even bigger.  The other issue is phone cost.  You don’t want to leave your $600 phone uncovered when the outer shell is made of plastic and can break easily from the smallest of drops.  This leaves you with no real choice but to add a protective case to your phone.

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I’ve used a few Ballistic cases on my devices recently and I have to say that they offer a high level of protection and build quality making them one of the better cases available.  I’ve had the Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III installed for a few weeks now in an attempt to give it a good test and its worked out very well.

Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case SGSIII Exploded

The Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III is not the prettiest case you’ll find for your device, but it’s designed to give you a sense of comfort that if you drop your expensive phone, you have a high level of protection and it should come out unscathed.

The Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III comes with a replaceable screen protector that sits inside your case instead of the usual “Stick to your Screen type” . Then there is an inner soft silicone skin offering the vibration and shock absorbing protection, and finally the outer exoskeleton made of polycarbonate to hold everything together.

The inner soft silicone skin has large bumpers on the corners to protect your phone form the highest and hardest of drops.  I have to say that the Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case provides some of the best impact protection available.  There are no obvious angles I’m aware of that would cause serious damage to your phone if it was dropped onto flat surface with the Ballistic case installed.


Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case SGSIII Top


The edges do tend to ware or become shiny fairly quickly, but this doesn’t have any negative effect on the excellent protection they provide.

Installation was a breeze and we had the case installs in a couple of minutes.  Clean your phone and especially your screen.  Place the soft silicone skin over your phone and then the polycarbonate exoskeleton over the top and you’re done.

The front of the case has a slight ridge and is designed prevent your screen from touching a surface when you lay your phone face down.  Most openings on your phone are protected with port covers keeping dust and dirt out, although the obvious ones such as the home button and camera are left exposed.  What does this mean?  The case is not water resistant so don’t go using your phone in the rain.  there is a cutout for the home button in the screen protector and the case comes with small sticky inserts ensuring that the home button is still easily accessible. I could see dust a dirt getting underneath, so be sure to frequently check this area and keep it clean. Over all, your device is pretty well protected.

Not sure about the color?  Take your pick.  Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III is available in no less than five color schemes.  Black and Black, Black and White, Cobalt, Hot Pink and White, and Charcoal ad White.


Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case SGSIII Colors



The finish off your case, Ballistic provides an incredibly rugged holster with a rotating swivel clip allowing you to attach it at any angle you care to choose.

You can also check out the quick video below taken form the Ballistic website.



How much does it cost?  you grab one of these cases from Ballistic for $49.99, ,but as usual, you can generally find them cheaper elsewhere.

If you’d like to learn more about this case and any of other cases Ballistic manufacture, head over to the Ballistic web site.

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4 Responses

  1. William Cracraft

    I have the Ballistic SG Maxx case on my S3, and the only issue I have with my case is the screen protector. It seems to be too thick causing typing errors and app selection errors, and general mis operating of the phone. Ballistic has replaced the screen protector twice and I still have the same issue. They have offered to replace the rubber part of case to see if that will cure my problem. I can remove the screen protector and phone works fine but then it moves around in case. Im not real happy with the SG Maxx case and will probably go back to otterbox.

    • FILA

      can you replace it with another brand screen protector. The screen protector really adds that much thickness to make it move in the case if it isnt there?

      • William

        I have tried several other brands of screen protectors, but none fit the case just right, and either fall out or bow out and not touch the screen. If ballistic would somehow design a thinner screen protector for the SG Maxx case, I think that would help considerably.

      • William Cracraft

        I have tried other screen protectors and none of them work well. They are either too loose and pop out, or too big and bow up and not touch screen

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