When I saw this, I wasn’t sure what we should label it as. Technically it is more of a mod than a CM7 theme since it has to be flashed and not installed. At the same time, it gives your lock screen the theme of ICS. Which is a critical component when attempting to theme your device to look as close to your dreams as possible.

The developer, DameonAndMeagan, have even taken a little extra time with this mod to help give you the best experience possible. You have three color choices to clash at your discretion, green, white or blue. Helps give you just a little bit more personalization.

This is a Mod of the CM7.1 Ring Lock that I made using some images from the ICS SDK. I only have tested it on HDPI but it should work on MDPI and LDPI also.

Just flash in recovery and you should be good to go.
Flash at your own risk make a backup before you continue.

Let me know if there is any problems.

You can now choose between Green, White, or Blue pressed Rings.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to DameonAndMeagan’s XDA thread and pick up the mod of your choice.

Source: XDA via OMGDroid



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