Many of you out there might not be flashing the numerous beta and alpha builds of Ice Cream Sandwich for your device. Even if you are, chances are you headed back to CM7 shortly after due to issues that are still remaining. I know Tony just tried a new build for the myTouch 4G and had to head back in a matter of minutes. That doesn’t stop anyone from wanting at least the illusion of ICS when ever possible.

Taking a look at all the screen shots and information from the theme creator, jasonevil, they sure look good. Everything that is important has been themed to give you the complete look of your favorite summer treat. To make things even better, he has made the theme available to HDPI and MDPI devices. That leaves no one out in the cold wishing they could have this.

There is one known issue with the theme, the text in the Deskclock apk are unreadable due to the image he used. There is a simple fix for it located in the thread.

If everything looks good to you, head on over to jasonevil’s XDA thread to get the latest updated version. Be sure to thank the guy for his work while you are there.

Source: XDA

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