Who is bored with the regular old boring icons that do not seem to have the detail that they should have? Or at least have multiple colors and a little life added to them? Well here you go my CM7 friends. Here is a CM7 theme that will make your icons pop and bring a little sexy-ness to your home screens.

As you can see with this CM7 theme, everything is pretty detailed when it comes to the icons and even the menus. The tool bar has some life to itas well. It does not have the boring little outlines for the toggles but rather a three-dimensional look with some color. R3Ds Themes has quite a few CM7 themes, but this one is probably the best and of course it is FREE. So check it out, download it, place it into your theme chooser, and fire away. Nothing wrong with a little eye-candy.

Application: iKaNDee CM7 Theme
Developer: R3Ds Themes
Cost: FREE

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