Have you looked at the theme of Ice Cream Sandwich and thought, “the blue scheme is just not dark enough for me”. Many of you probably have not…UNTIL NOW. Well if it has crossed your mind or it is now crossing your mine, here is a CM7 theme by ICS theme junky Sonny Sekhon  for you to try just to make your ICS theme a little bit darker.

Now first thing I noticed about this theme and what you guys probably noticed as well, is that it now looks more like a Honeycomb theme. It has that purple-blue look to it but to be honest I do not mind it one bit. I love both of the color schemes of ICS and Honeycomb, so if you do as well, try this theme out. Place it into your theme chooser and fire away. It is free on the market, so you got nothing to lose. I guess we could call this theme “Honey Cream Sandwich” or “Ice Comb Sandwich”. Just a thought.

Application: ICS Dark Blue CM7 Theme
Developer: Sonny Sekhon
Cost: FREE

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