If you follow all the latest and greatest works of the developers that fuel the Android eco system, then you know of RootzWiki. To add some fuel to that fire you should also know who BSThemes is. If not, then you have been missing out. The latest release by BSThemes is a SynErgy remake called SynErgy.Wiki. It is a theme that is dedicated to the colors and theme of RootzWiki. It also incorporates an awesome background of their mascot.

Even if RootzWiki isn’t your thing, but green is, you should check this out. The team has themed 1800 different images including system apps and 3rd party applications. A side not to mention, the Beautiful Widgets app has been themed using The Steel beast skin, and the Launcher is ADW Launcher EX and using ThaShag for the ADW Theme.

Application: SynErgy.Wiki
Developer: BSThemes
Cost: $0.99

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